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The 2nd International JIMF Call for Papers – Integrating Islamic Commercial and Social Finance to Strengthen Financial System Stability (Even)

The 2nd International JIMF Call for Papers – Integrating Islamic Commercial and Social Finance to Strengthen Financial System Stability is organized by Islamic Economic and Finance Department, Bank Indonesia
In order to accommodate the need for increasing demand of knowledge and development of Islamic finance practices, Bank Indonesia officially launches Journal of Islamic Monetary Economics and Finance (JIMF) on August 6, 2015. JIMF is a peer-reviewed biannual journal, which is set to be published on August and February.
The development of Islamic economics and finance is not only concern with commercial aspects, but also it concerns with social aspects (such as zakah, infaq and waqf), where both aspects should not be separated. Therefore, the integration between the social and commercial sector could not only alleviate poverty and improve holistic financial inclusion, but also it could improve financial system stability.
For the above reasons, JIMF raises such concern on its 2nd International JIMF Call for Papers. The 2nd JIMF Call for Paper constitutes one of the event series of Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival (ISEF) on October 2016 in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.
The themes of the conference covers but not limited to the followings:
  1. Financial System Stability in Islamic Perspective;
  2. Macroprudential in Islamic Perspective;
  3. Resilience and Stability of the Islamic Financial System;
  4. Islamic Financial Instruments of Financial System Stability;
  5. Innovation in Islamic Financial Instruments to Enhance Financial Deepening;
  6. Integration of Islamic Commercial and Social Instruments to Enhance Financial System Stability;
  7. Zakah, Infaq and Waqf as Instruments of Financial System Stability;
  8. Zakah, Infaq and Waqf to Enhance the Resilience of Financial System Stability;
·         Open Submission: May 13, 2016
·         Deadline for Full Paper: October 2, 2016
·         Acceptance Notification: October 14, 2016
·         Date for Conference: October 27-28, 2016
·         All submissions include with Curriculum Vitae.
·         Language : English
·         Writing Format :
  1. Full paper should not exceed 35 pages, size A4, 1.5 spacing, Times New Roman with size 12
  2. Symbols and equations must be written using Microsoft Equation
  3. We encourage authors to write their references using references application (Mendeley, Refworks, Zatero, etc),
·         All files should be sent to: jimf@bi.go.id and cc. to journal.jimf@gmail.com

Authors of the accepted papers will be covered for hotel accomodation during the conference and ticket allowance.

Sumber: http://journalbankindonesia.org/